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Banish the blues and retain key talent

With 17th January being labelled as “Blue Monday”, it’s commonly known as one of the gloomiest days of the year. Against the backdrop of cold weather, limited daylight, and undoing

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Leaders don’t know their own DEI and parental policies

You’d be hard pushed to find an organisation that says it doesn’t take diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) seriously. Many corporate websites are adorned with DEI pleasing statements, reassuring readers

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Don’t ignore the ‘S’ in ESG

When thinking about Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) practices, the ‘S’ is often overlooked. This is potentially because it’s harder to measure social impact, unlike carbon footprint in the ‘E’

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Why culture is vital for M&A success

Global M&A activity has been described by KPMG as “turbocharged”, with deals expected to reach a record breaking $6 trillion (£4.47 trn) by the end of 2021. Yet in the

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Cybercrime series: What lies in store?

We conclude our cybercrime series, which has thus far looked at common cyber-attacks and how organisations can better protect themselves, by considering what lies in store. What are some of

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Cybercrime series: Prepare for attack

Having looked at some high-profile examples of cybercrime in our first blog of the series, it’s apparent that no organisation is safe from the risk of a cyber-attack. So how

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Alex Doe on COP26

Rishi Sunak’s speech at COP26 set in motion further developments to support meeting net-zero targets, which are likely to have significant impact on businesses in the future. Understanding that transitioning

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How are organisations getting ahead with ESG?

As companies get to grips with what an increased focus on environment, sustainability, and governance (ESG) means for their business, what are some of some of the methods being deployed

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Top supply chain threats and opportunities

Supply chains are in an extremely vulnerable position, having been shaken to the core by global and political events over the past few years. Many businesses, that are still fragile

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Driving the ESG agenda

Covid-19 and the climate crisis has pushed the environment, sustainability, and governance (ESG) agenda forward in investors and stakeholders’ minds. As a result, they are increasingly interested in evaluating organisational

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