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The Future of Work: Health & Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing programmes used to be a “nice to have” for many organisations, but the pandemic elevated its importance. Research by EY found that two thirds (67%) of UK

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The Future of Work: Hybrid working

A silver lining of the pandemic could be that remote working practices were forced to move from a snail’s pace to a sprint. Businesses that were previously hesitant to offer

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The Future of Work: Technology

The future of work cannot be discussed, without technology being mentioned. It underpins every challenge and opportunity businesses face in the future. The pandemic pushed many organisations to embrace technology

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Businesses need the best financial minds on board, as we move to post-Covid recovery

The UK economy continues to take a battering, having been ravaged by the Covid-19 pandemic, with debt levels at a record high of £2.131trn.  The chancellor of the exchequer, Rishi Sunak, said

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The Future of Work: Learning and development

With one billion people needing to reskill by 2030, our first “Future of Work” blog in a series of five considers how learning and development (L&D) plays a crucial role

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The Future of Work: Our 5 blog series

With the world turned upside down for many businesses over the past year, the subject of the “future of work” has never been timelier as organisations look to regroup in

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Attracting the best talent to thrive

With more than half of UK firms planning to hire, many companies are gearing up to move from a position of surviving to thriving – and they need the best

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The impact of Covid19 on the Professional Services Industry

In this 30-minute podcast Andrew Gray, Founder & CEO at eg.1, breaks down the impact of the Covid Pandemic on us as individuals and organisations and how we will cope

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£1 billion oil project to a £2 billion oil project via a mental health institution – Employee Mental Health

In this podcast Qing Mak, Head of Market Intelligence and Lead on Diversity & Inclusion at eg.1, talks to Shantonu Chundur, Founder and CEO at Confluent Energy about mental health

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The eg.1 Podcast is now live!

We believe that diversity of thought is key in driving innovation and leading the way in any area of life. At eg.1 we’re incredibly lucky to have just that. Our

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