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Working with clients to help them identify, attract, retain & advance diverse talent


Our diversity and inclusion specialists deliver real business impact to help our clients:


secure buy-in for d&I

Our workshops facilitate courageous conversations, breaking down barriers between HR and functions, leading to improved business performance.



We utilise The GC Index® to better assess impact, remove any unconscious bias, empower your hiring decisions, and integrate new hires.

It is embedded into our search and onboarding process to provide all candidates, hiring managers and key stakeholders with a common language of impact and contribution to help align all expectations and mitigate any risks in the hiring process.


shift organisational culture

Our work with leaders has removed barriers that previously prevented them from attracting, recruiting, developing and retaining diverse top talent.


gain competitive advantage

Our rigorous methodology coupled with The GC Index® – the world’s first organimetric – ensures our clients remain ahead of the competition.


Our Specialist Team

Qing Mak

Head of Market Intelligence/ Diversity & Inclusion

+44 (0)777 502 0332